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Tooth to Tail Consultations

We recommend examining your pet twice a year for our ‘tooth to tail 

consultations’. At one of these visits, we recommend your pet receives 

their annual vaccination. On the second visit, the veterinary nurse will  

advise you regarding your pets weight and will give a general health 

check, all Free of Charge.


How Comprehensive Are the Exams?


Comprehensive physical examinations conducted at Newcastle 

West Pet Vet Clinic provide an in-depth assessment of your pet’s overall 

health, establish important baselines and meticulously inspect your pet 

from tooth to tail: 

   Ear and Eye Examination

   Cardiopulmonary (Heart and Lung) analysis

   Temperature Reading

   Abdominal Palpation

   Dental Exam

   Dermatological Exam

   Musculoskeletal Evaluation

   Coat & skin evaluation

   Behavioural and Training Issues

   Preventative healthcare evaluation including flea and worm regimes


We have a “Walk-in-Clinic” from 5pm-7pm Monday to Friday; for you 

and your pet’s convenience, we also operate an appointment-based 

system. This is to eliminate waiting times, when possible, in the waiting room. 

Please phone us on 069-69942 for an appointment.



 Your pet’s medical details are entered on a specialised veterinary 

computer system. This allows us to record all medical, surgical, dietary 

and other important information in order to build up a detailed record 

of your pet’s health.

Newcastlewest Pet Vet Clinic Mary B Barrett MVB
Newcastlewest Pet Vet Clinic Mary B Barrett MVB
OPENING HOURS MONDAY-FRIDAY 9am-7pm ​SATURDAY 9am-5pm Call 069 69942

No. 9 Bridewell Lane,

Newcastle West,

Co. Limerick

T 069 69942



Email :


Facebook: Newcastlewest Petvet

Opening hours

Mon to Fri 9am - 7pm

Sat 9am - 5pm

Walk in clinic 5pm - 7pm

Monday - Friday

or book an appointment time.

Outside these hours we operate a 24 hour 

emergency service 7 days a week,

 phone 069 69942.

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